The WAIC 2020 online event is under intense preparation, and will be recorded in the middle of July, 2020 in Shanghai. Entitled with “Intelligent Connectivity, Indivisible Community”, this online platform will feature comprehensive events including “Theme Day, International Day and Developer Day segments” and highlight the topic of “AI for Good” and “Development of New Economy ”, which will offer remarkable contents for 3×24hrs. In the meantime, a cloud exhibition called “AI Homeland” will showcase various solutions offered by application scenarios in the online interactive experience.

  As a vital part of the WAIC 2020, the World Artificial Intelligence Health Conference is themed at “Intelligent Connectivity, Shared Health”, and is aspired to build a diversified, open, and innovative global sharing platform. This event will cover the innovative applications of AI in epidemic prevention and control of public health; will explore how AI can improve the quality of medical services at home and abroad; will identify the deep integration of AI in biomedicine industry. The event is purposed to promote the development of AI medical and international exchanges and cooperation, accelerate the transformation and industrialization of AI medical scientific and technological achievements, and contribute to global health.

  In consideration of COVID-19 across the world, the conference will be held online. With the most cutting-edge technologies, this festivity will display a perfect interactive space by connecting the real and virtual environments. Here, the organizing committee would like to invite you to participate as the guiding unit and maintain corporation together.

  The earth is the home of mankind, let us work together to create a better world!