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Industrial Ecosystem  

  With the support provided by related central ministries and local government, CAICT has taken the lead in establishing/subordinating over 30 industrywide influential industrial associations, fora and alliances, expert committees and working groups which are composed of more than 1,000 entities in the fields of ICT, Internet, security, industry and health etc.

  Fora and alliances

  • Alliance of Industrial Internet
  • China Internet-Enabled Collaborative Manufacturing Alliance
  • China Integration and Innovation Alliance of Internet and Industry
  • Cloud Computing Development and Policy Forum
  • Open Source Cloud Alliance for Industry
  • Data Center Alliance
  • China Internet-Enabled Health Industry Alliance
  • Zhongguancun Big Data Transaction Industry Alliance
  • China Broadband Development Alliance
  • SDN Industry Alliance
  • Emergency Communication Industry Alliance
  • Broadband Trunking Communication (B-TrunC) Industry Alliance
  • Battery Industry Alliance
  • Airline Public Communication Alliance
  • Technological Innovation and Industry Alliance of Smart Mobile Terminals
  • Anxin Online Identity Certification Industry Alliance
  • China Internet Service Provider Union
  • Interactive Media Industry Alliance
  • China Mobile E-Commerce Industry Promotion Alliance

  Expert committees/working groups

  • IMT-2020(5G) Promotion Group
  • TD-LTE Working Group
  • Expert Committee of the China Next Generation Internet (CNGI)
  • Office of the National IoT Expert Committee
  • Expert Committee of ICT Economy under MIIT
  • Secretariat of ITU Working Committee under MIIT
  • Committee of Value-Added Services under China Association of Communications Enterprises
  • Committee of Communication Network Security under China Association of Communications Enterprises
  • All-China Telecommunication Users Committee
  • Working Group of Technological Standards for Network Interconnection

  Industrial associations

  • Telecommunication Terminal Industry Forum Association (TAF)
  • ICT Development Strategy and Policy Committee under China Institute of Communications
  • Cloud Computing and Big Data Application Committee under China Institute of Communications
  • Mobile Internet Working Committee under the Internet Society of China