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Technology and Standards Research Institute  

  The Technology and Standards Research Institute of China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT) (formerly known as the Research Institute of Telecommunication Transmission of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications) is responsible for studying key technological issues, standards and strategies in the fields of ICT, Informatization, and the integration between industrialization and informatization, drafting related technological standards and rules, and participating in international standardization activities. It also builds platforms for major national technological and industrial trial and verification, develops new technology/new business/new equipment labs, carries out application research and verification, network access and test, and conducts research, test and evaluation on cross-network interconnection, service quality, number resources, and cyber and information security. IPR establishment, protection, application and support in the ICT field (5G and mobile Internet etc.) at the national level also fall within its scope of functions so as to find solutions to the strategic and practical IPR problems faced by the Chinese ICT sector. In addition, it provides related technological consultation, test and training services.

  The Institute has a total of 10,000 m2 of laboratories and hundreds of the most advanced test instruments, equipment and facilities which are worth over RMB 300 million, including a number of national/ministerial and provincial key laboratories, such as the National Engineering Laboratory of New-Generation Mobile Communications Testing and Verification, Digital Mobile Telecommunication Simulation Network Laboratory (MTNet), Integrated Simulation Testing &Verification Center of Telecommunication Network (RTNet), and the National Science and Technology Fundamentals Platform - Open and Virtual Telecommunication Network Laboratory.

  The scope of business of the Institute covers various types of testing, evaluation and verification services for ICT hardware and software products and services, including National Network Access License test of telecommunication equipment (network equipment), tests entrusted by operators and the industry, trial and verification of new communications technologies, security assessment and test, IT application assessment and verification, and customized development and integration services of testing systems.

  Relying on its technical accumulations over years, the Technology and Standards Research Institute provides consultation services to telecommunications operators, manufacturers, Internet companies and industrial customers in wireless mobile communications, broadband communication network, the Internet, transmission and access networks, cloud computing, Internet of Things, Mobile Internet, IT application, cyber and information security, etc. Such services range from technological development strategies, guiding opinions on network development, technical consultation on network operation, to industrial development policies, IT application plans and technological programs, cyber and information security evaluation, etc.

  The Technology and Standards Research Institute has been taking on national research programs for long, including National Major Science and Technology Projects, science and technology programs of the Ministry of Science and Technology (e.g. 863 Program, 973 Program, Science and Technology Supporting Program, International Science and Technology Collaboration Program, Science and Technology Fundamentals Platform, and Soft Science Research Program etc.), Industrialization Program and Information Security Program of the National Development and Reform Commission, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and other related research projects. Since 2003, the Institute has successively undertaken nearly 100 national key scientific research and breakthrough projects, and has totally defined over 1,500 national and industrial standards, among which the “ITU-T International Standards and Applications on Multimedia Services” won 10 National Awards for Progress in Science and Technology, and the “Third-Generation Mobile Communication Technology Trial” received 16 science and technology awards from China Institute of Communications. The “TD-LTE-Advanced International Standard” earned 50 science and technology awards from China Communications Standards Association, 7 China Standard Innovation awards, and 4 other ministerial and provincial awards.

  Contact: Tao Chen

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