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ICT Project Quota & Quality Supervision Center  

  Telecom Project Quota & Quality Supervision Center under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) is a professional organization that supports the management of telecom projects and construction market by the MIIT and provides services to telecom construction market under the leadership of MIIT. Its main work includes:

  1. Commissioned by the MIIT, manage and develop costs standards for telecom construction projects, including the quota of estimates and budgets;

  2. Commissioned by the MIIT, perform quality supervision and management towards the nation-wide telecom construction projects;

  3. Provide support and services to the supervision and management of the safe production, bid-inviting and bidding of telecom construction projects;

  4. Commissioned by the MIIT, handle the complaints received for telecom project bid-inviting and bidding;

  5. Commissioned by the MIIT, provide laws, regulations and policies consulting services related with construction project costs, bid-inviting and bidding, safe production, and project management to the telecom construction market;

  6. Commissioned by the MIIT and provincial/municipal/autonomous region communications administrations, undertake the qualification evaluation and training of professionals of the telecom construction industry;

  7. Organize professional knowledge and capability improvement training for managers related with telecom construction project management, project costs management, bid-inviting and bidding and contract management, as well as quality and safe production management.

  We welcome the wide practitioners to cooperate with the center, and we will do our best to promote the healthy development of China’s telecom construction course jointly with all our friends.

  The China communications construction website (www.ccicc.com.cn) is a comprehensive website built under the sponsorship of the MIIT Center for Telecom Project Quota and Quality Supervision, providing authoritative and comprehensive information and professional consulting service to the wide practitioners in the telecom construction field.

  Relying on the unique position and influence of the Center, the website collects comprehensive and detailed information related to telecom construction policies, laws and rules, standards and regulations, project quota, telecom construction product information, construction project bid-inviting notice, as well as new products, technologies and applications. By giving play to the advantage of the Center in resources, it provides professional consulting and information inquiry services to the wide practitioners in terms of project costs, bid-inviting and bidding, quality supervision, construction project management, and project auditing. Meanwhile, it also offers a platform for enterprise users to build their corporate images and demonstrate products.