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Anti-Seismic Research Institute (Baoding)  

  Established in 1987, Baoding TTL Anti-seismic Research Institute of Telecommunication Equipment is an independent legal entity. It’s also an enterprise owned by the whole people invested by China Academy of Information and Communications Technology(CAICT). In December 1997, Ministry of Posts and Telecommunicationsof the PRCissueddocument No.[1997]1001 to authorize the establishment ofSeismic Quality Supervision and Test Centerof Telecommunication Equipment for Information Industry(STCTE) . STCTEis set up to assist the Ministry to testthe seismic performance and seismicstrengthening of communicationsequipment.

  Baoding TTLAnti-seismic Research Institute of Telecommunication Equipment is a technicalsupport institution forseismic research and testing of information and communications Industry. Our main work include anti-seismic test of major telecommunicationsequipmentused in public telecommunications network where the earthquake seismic protection is above intensity 7. Study and formulate seismic test standards for communications equipment. Research seismic test technologyand mechanical environmental vibration test technology of communications equipment.Research the earthquake resistance and disaster preventiontechnologies of communicationengineering. Supervise and inspect the seismic performance ofcommunications equipment.

  We’ve successively completed a number of seismic research projects issued by the Ministry. Compile and revisemore than 20 seismic standards for the communications industry. Participatein the research on disaster investigation and loss assessment of communications systems afterWenchuan, Yiliang and Jiuzhaigou earthquakes. Using computer aided simulation analysis technology, we completed a large number of various communications equipment anti seismic performance testing and technical services, such as seismic testof communications equipment, seismicandwind resistance assessment of communication tower, and achieved good social and economical benefit.

  We have an advanced earthquake simulation shake table,a large number of precision vibration and communicationtest equipment, a high-quality research and development team. Now we formedthree main business areas including seismic testing, communication tower testing and mechanical reliability testing. We will create the best value for customers with quality service concept.