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Smart City Research Institute (Guangzhou)  

  The Smart City Research Institute (Guangzhou) (hereinafter referred to as “Guangzhou Institute”) is a branch of CAICT, which was officially established in May 2013 under the approval of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and based on the cooperation agreement with Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Science and Information Technology (GMBSIT) and Yuexiu District Government. As a supporting unit for “Smart Guangzhou”, Guangzhou Institute conducts researches in and provides support to ICT related areas such as smart city, mobile Internet, IoTand cloud computing, and offers corporate management consulting services.

  Currently, Guangzhou Institute has three business sections (Technology and Engineering, Industry and Application, and Operation and Management) and a functional section (General Administration). It will have over 50 staff this year. Guangzhou Institute has carried out several projects and researches with government departments such as GMBSIT, Guangzhou Municipal Development and Reform Commission, and Yuexiu District Government, and basic telecom enterprises such as Guangdong Mobile and Guangdong Unicom on smart city top level design, mobile Internet industrial planning, next-generation Internet experiment pilot plan design, as well as market and strategic planning.

  Relying on its platform-based operation, rich scientific and technical resources and profound research capability of its headquarters CAICT, and its local advantages, Guangzhou Institute can provide better consulting and research services on ICT and application to the governments, companies and relevant organizations in Guangzhou and surrounding areas.

  Address: Central Mansion, No. 334, Huanshi East Road, Yuexiu District, 510060 Guangzhou

  Tel: 020-83256888