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Security Research Institute  

  Established in November 2012, the Security Research Institute of CAICT (hereinafter referred to as the “Security Institute”) is a professional scientific research institution working on security technology researches in the ICT field. Its main responsibilities include: carrying out researches on strategic and forward-looking issues in ICT security protection, strengthening the evaluation of new information and communications technologies and services, and providing strong technical support to national administrations on formulating network and information security development strategies, decisions and regulations.

  Oriented to the ICT field, the Security Institute takes “profound technical accumulation, scientific working methods, regulated testing process, and quality customer service” as its targets, “realizing reliable, trustable, manageable and controllable cyber space” as its objective, and tries to build a comprehensive supporting platform and professional technical forces in terms of domestic and foreign trend and strategy researches, security supervision and laws and regulations study and supporting, technical standards development, security capability building, major and special issues researches, experimental verification, and evaluation and assessment in the ICT security field, to support the security management of the government and provide security guarantee to the industry.

  The Security Institute has strong evaluation and assessment capability for network and information security technologies and high-end professional network and information security supporting teams. Therefore, it can successfully complete the important security supervision supporting work entrusted by the state and the government, undertake a large quantity of major special scientific research subjects on network and information security, as well as lead the development of a number of international and domestic network and information security standards and regulations. It has accumulated profound knowledge on cutting-edge information security technology, and its researches cover diversified fields such as telecom network and information security, information security, data security, Internet security, application security, industrial Internet security and important communications.


  安全研究所 Security Research Institute

  网络安全研究部 Network Security Research Division

  网络安全实验室 Network Security Lab

  信息安全研究部 Information Security Research Division

  信息安全实验室 Information Security Lab

  信息化与两化融合安全部 Informatization and Informatization & Industrialization Integration Security Division

  互联网与工业融合重点实验室 Internet and Industry Integration Lab

  软件测评部 Software Testing and Evaluation Division

  软件测评实验室 Software Testing and Evaluation Lab

  重要通信研究部 Important Communications Research Division

  电信网和互联网重要通信实验室 Lab on Important Communications on Telecom Network and Internet

  科研组织与市场开拓研究部 Scientific Organizations and Market Exploitation Research Division

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  Contact: hanjialin@caict.ac.cn