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Informatization and Industrialization Integration Research Institute  

  As one of the core business units of CAICT, the Informatization and Industrialization Integration Research Institute of CAICT (hereinafter referred to as the Institute) was founded in May 2015. It is mainly responsible for research on ICT manufacturing and the integration between informatization and industrialization.

  Background: At the end of 2014, the former China Academy of Telecommunication Research of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) was renamed the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT), and the strategic goal has been set to build it into " a specialized think-tank for the government, and an innovation and development platform for the industry ". Since then, the Academy has entered a new phase of transformation and development. Leaders of MIIT have also raised new requirements to "better play its role on the basis of ICT to support and lead strategies of a strong network-driven and manufacturing nation and the deep integration between informatization and industrialization". In order to fulfill such goal, the Academy has identified four areas of priorities, including telecommunication, Internet, IT application and the integration between informatization and industrialization. At the beginning of 2015, integration was made to consultation services, and the Informatization and Industrialization Integration Research Institute was officially established.

  Responsibilities: government decision-making support and consultation services in ICT manufacturing, informatization and industrialization integration and industrial economy; research on industrial development, strategies, plans and policies related to ICT equipment, integrated circuits and software; industrial and policy research on smart manufacturing and industrial internet; and studies on industrial economy, regional economy and technological economy.

  Organizational structure: 5 subordinate business units, including the Informatization and Industrialization Integration and Smart Manufacturing Research Division, the Integrated Circuit and Software Research Division, the ICT Manufacturing Research Division, the Industrial Economy Research Center, and the General Administration and Market Division.

  Workforce: 85 employees, 55% with intermediate title and above, 90% with Master's Degree and above, 21% with PhD and above, a well-educated, highly-capable, collaborative and motivated team.

  Outcomes: The Institute took the lead in research on ICT manufacturing, smart manufacturing system and its development strategies, industrial Internet architecture by 2020; supported MIIT and the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) in carrying out studies on smart manufacturing, informatization and industrialization integration, integrated circuits and software, ICT manufacturing and industrial economy; led the drafting of and published the White Paper on Mobile Internet, the White Paper on Communication Equipment Manufacturing, China’s Industrial Development Report, the Development Report of Chinese Mobile Phone Brands, and the Development Report of China’s Top Ten Counties in Industry. It participated and provided support for key national documents, including the Guiding Opinions on Deepening “Internet + advanced manufacturing” and Developing Industrial Internet, the Guiding Opinions on Deepening the Integration of Manufacturing and the Internet, the Pilot and Demonstration Program for the Integration of Manufacturing and the Internet, the Guidelines for the Implementation of Smart Manufacturing Project, the Application Project for Comprehensive Smart Manufacturing Standardization and New Models, the Special Action for the Pilot and Demonstration of Smart Manufacturing in 2016, the Special Action for the Innovative Development of Intelligent Hardware Industry (2016-2018), the Three-Year Action Guidelines for the Intelligent Sensor Industry (2017-2019), the Guiding Opinions on Deeply Promoting the Development of New Industrialization Demonstration Bases, the Implementation Program for the Development of World-Class Industrial Clusters in the Yangtze River Economic Belt, the Implementation Guidelines for Strong Industrial Base (2016-2020), and the Program for the Innovation-Driven Industrial Transformation and Upgrading in the Yangtze River Economic Belt. As to industrial Internet and big data, the Institute provided support for the research on industrial Internet development strategies and was responsible for the supporting and selection of industrial Internet demonstration bases. It helped set up the project for special industrial Internet fund, solely compiled and measured the industrial Internet fund program, supported related platform building and drafted the evaluation guidelines for industrial Internet platforms. The national smart manufacturing demonstration zone received full support from the Institute which took part in the development of requirements for the smart manufacturing section inside the China Manufacturing 2025 demonstration zone and worked with the Chinese Academy of Engineering on the major soft science subject of the Research on Regional Development Strategies of Smart Manufacturing. Regarding chips and components, it took the lead in providing support for the publication and interpretation of the Special Action for the Innovative Development of Intelligent Hardware Industry (2016-2018), the compilation of the intelligent hardware white paper and industrial profile, as well as the release of the Three-Year Action Guidelines for Intelligent Sensing Industry (2017-2019) and the Map of Intelligent Sensor Industry. With regard to artificial intelligence (AI), the Institute carried out research on the AI ecosystem, major industrial applications and core chips, and offered support for ministerial decision making, local planning and building of public service platforms. In terms of the coordination across communication equipment industrial chain, it assisted the Department of Electronic Information of MIIT in building its capacity in promoting such coordination, establishing comprehensive coordination platforms, exploring new models for full-chain supporting capabilities, and conducting research on vendors of parts and components by designing and implementing the research program. As to the evaluation of electronic information manufacturing, the Institute provided support for the System Operation Division of the Bureau of Operation Monitoring and Coordination of MIIT in developing and publishing the Research Report on Comprehensive Development Index of the Electronic Information Manufacturing Industry in China for the first time, carried out related interpretation work, provided targeted training for local commissions of economy and information technology, and created a special column for MIIT.

  Business Scope: deep integration of informatization and industrialization, smart manufacturing and ICT manufacturing, including the informatization and industrialization integration, smart manufacturing, integrated circuits and software, ICT manufacturing, and industrial economy; projects pertaining to smart manufacturing, industrial Internet, industrial big data, intelligent hardware, integrated circuits, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, new display, automotive electronics as well as industrial economic operation, industrial layout and industrial analysis on the basis of industrial big data platform to promote the integration of informatization and industrialization.