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Research Center for Internet Law  

Research Center for Internet Law (hereinafter referred to as the “Center”) is a specialized research institute in law established by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT). Affiliated to Policy and Economic Research Institute, CAICT and committed to CAICT’s mission of “a specialized think-tank for the government and an innovation and development platform for the industry”, it conducts in-depth research on laws and policies related to telecommunications and Internet development. In doing so, the Center provides government with high-quality legal research support and builds up an effective platform for communication and exchange together with the industry.

Founded in 2000, research team of the Center boasts the advantage of expertise integration between a research institute and a political and economic institution. It conducts basic and forward-looking research on laws and regulations on information and communications, WTO-related international rules, market opening and system reform, and offers related government departments effective advices on legislation and policies. The Center keeps a close eye on major strategies, policies and industrial development practice in the industry both at home and abroad and studies legal issues in the information and communications industry in line with the industrial characteristics and the international trend. It is dedicated to constructing a platform for communication, collaboration and discussion among government, industry and enterprises and deepening exchanges and cooperation with international organizations, domestic and foreign academic groups and enterprises.

The Center will dedicate itself to research on Internet laws and policies in China with a professional mindset, an open attitude and an internationalized vision, so as to promote the rule of law on Internet in China.