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Research Center for Radio Management  

Research Center for Radio Management (hereinafter referred to as the “Center”) is a specialized research institute in radio management established by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT). Committed to CAICT’s mission of “a specialized think-tank for the government and an innovation and development platform for the industry”, the Center conducts in-depth systematic research on policy planning, security guarantee, laws and regulations, technical experiment and industrial development on radio management. In doing so, it provides government with high-quality professional support and constructs an effective platform for communication and exchanges for the industry.

The Center fully taps into the professional and comprehensive advantages of CAICT and pools professionals in planning, management, policy, law and technology to form professional teams. Centered on research on frequency resource management, it conducts whole-space and full-business basic and forward-looking research and provides related government departments with all-round and whole-process support in line with major domestic strategies, policies and industrial development requirements. Since its foundation, the Center undertakes the supportive work for management policy research on radio frequency and station and frequency planning and the research work on management policies for radio security guarantee and laws and regulations on radio management. It also assumes the research and verification work for technologies on radio application and management, the research work on development of radio-related industries and the supportive work for international affairs on radio management.

The Center closely follows the latest dynamics and trend of radio management overseas and conducts in-depth exchanges and cooperation with related international organizations, domestic and foreign regulators, research institutes and enterprises with an internationalized vision and an open attitude. By independently developing and constructing a supporting platform for decision-making on radio management, it continues to innovate and explore in research on scientific and intelligent radio management.