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Wang Zhiqin: TheRelease of 5G Phase-1 Standard HasGreat Significance  

  The standalone fifth-generation (5G)networkspecifications wereofficially approved by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) StandardizationCommitteeon June 14, 2018Beijing time. The freezerepresentsthe completion of 5G Phase-1 full-featurestandardization, marksthe formation of 5G new end-to-end businesscapability, and indicates the comprehensive sprinttowards5G commercialization. The release, a major milestone of 5G development, embodies the global wisdoms and effortsin technical standards over the past three years.



  Thespecificationsprovide a basic version of standardsfor high-reliable low-latency communication in the Internet of Mobile Things, while the version released last yearapplies to the context ofmobile Internet, saidMrs.Wang Zhiqin, Vice President of the ChinaAcademy of Information and Communications Technology and Chair of the IMT-2020 (5G) Promotion Group, in an interview byChina Central Television (CCTV). This version hasparticularimportance as it satisfies to a certain extent the desire to extend from the mobile Internet to the Internet of Things in the pursuit ofour entire 5G vision.

  There are three scenarios for5G network. First, the5G networkwith highspeed andbandwidthenablesmovie download in a few seconds, smooth playback of multi-channel 4K HD videos, live 360-degree panoramic streaming, and easy realization ofvirtual reality / augmented reality (AR\VR) technologies. Second,the5G network can be used in the context of Internet of Vehicles based on its low latency, high reliability and high bandwidth. Third,the biggest breakthrough for 5G network is massive connections that reach millions per square kilometer. With low-power and low-costsystems and sensors, the 5G network will changethe traditional industriesby truly achieving the interconnection of all things.