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Notice on Invitation to Membership and Overseas Observers of China Cross-border Data Telecommunications Industry Alliance  

  In March 2018, the China Cross-border Data Telecommunications Industry Alliance (CDTIA) was established in Beijing by China Academy of Information and Communication Technology (CAICT), in conjunction with the three basic telecom operators and IP-VPN and related service operators. The primary membership includes 33 enterprises and institutions. Over the five months since its inception, the CDTIA has actively cooperated with the telecommunications authorities and taken effective measures in various aspects, such as publicizing national laws and regulations, standardizing business operations of members, building cross-border service system platforms, initiating related technical discussions, and supporting national supervision policies. These fruitful efforts have made positive contributions to promoting industrial progress and serving membership.

  In continued cooperation with the telecommunications authorities in further work to clean up and regulate the Internet access service market, the CDTIA will expand its membership to absorb more enterprises and institutions from China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) that are legally compliant to operate related services, so that it can constantly play an important role in the healthy and orderly development of the cross-border data communications industry. Meanwhile, the CDTIA will identify the status of "overseas observer" among foreign enterprises and institutions, in order to make China's telecom service market more open and help more overseas enterprises and institutions engage in China's telecom services and cooperation and better understand China's policies and regulations about cross-border data communications. 

  Hereby, we sincerely invite domestic and international enterprises and institutions that are engaged or involved in the relevant telecom services or research to join the alliance, in a joint effort to promote self-discipline and sound development of the cross-border data communications industry. For specific requirements for membership and overseas observers, please see the instructions in the attached application forms.

  Applicants for CDTIA membership and overseas observers are required to send the electronic version of application forms (Annexes 3 and 4) and related materials (as required in the application forms) before September 30, 2018 to the CDTIA e-mail (cdtia@caict.ac.cn).

  For more details, please contact the CDTIA Secretariat:

  Contact person: Yu Changqi, Liu Fei

  Contact number: 010-6803 3344

Annex 1. Self-discipline Convention for China's Cross-border Data Communications Industry.doc
Annex 2. Letter of Commitment to Self-discipline of Cross-border Data Communications Services in China.doc
Annex 3. Application Form for Membership of China Cross-border Data Telecommunications Industry Alliance.doc
Annex 4. Application Form for Overseas Observer of China Cross-border Data Telecommunications Industry Alliance.doc