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CTTL Receives Wi-Fi Alliance WPA3 Certification  

  Security mechanism has always been one of the most important attributes that Wi-Fi concerns. Being in service for more than a decade, WPA2 has been exposed to the KRACK vulnerability and is no longer secure. As the current security situation changes, the security features of Wi-Fi access protection continue to develop, and more powerful protection and new security practices are constantly being introduced. To improve the security of Wi-Fi network, the Wi-Fi Alliance launched the next generation security standard WPA3 to improve the security of Wi-Fi network in 2018.

  WPA3 is the latest security mechanism for Wi-Fi network. Based on WPA2's widely deployment and application for more than a decade, WPA3 has upgraded encryption algorithms to improve the security of Wi-Fi devices. It brings enhanced Wi-Fi security to ensure the security of Wi-Fi deployment with enhanced authentication and key mechanism.

  WPA3 brings a higher level of security to private and enterprise networks. All devices using WPA3 protocol provide enhanced anti-eavesdropping and forgery protection, and are backward compatible with WPA2, enabling interoperability with devices using it.

  CTTL received WPA3 certification authorized by Wi-Fi Alliance in November 2018.

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