White Paper of Security Considerations for 5G Smart City Is Officially Released


  On March 16, 2020, the white paper - "Security Considerations for 5G Smart City", which was jointly compiled by CAICT, China Mobile and Huawei, was officially released at the Global TD-LTE Initiative (GTI). The white paper focuses on the potential security threats and challenges brought by the application of 5G technologies to smart cities, as well as security capabilities required to tackle these challenges.

  The white paper introduces the typical application scenarios of smart cities in the 5G era, focuses on the security threats and challenges faced by 5G smart cities in such aspects as new business applications, network IT, new network architecture, network capability exposure, multi-access technologies and user privacy protection, proposes the security architecture for 5G smart cities, and describes specific countermeasures to address potential security threats from the device layer, network layer, platform layer and application layer.

  The release of the white paper can help promote the development and maturity of 5G applications for smart cities, and provide an important reference for the security development of 5G smart cities.