CAICT is approved to be an Issuing Agency


  On June 23th 2020, China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT) is formally approved by the ISO/IEC 15459 Registration Authority as an international Issuing Agency (IA) with the Issuing Agency Code (IAC) —‘VAA’. CAICT has officially become an international identifier issuing organization in parallel with organizations such as GS1 Global and the Universal Postal Union (UPU), and has global identifier issuing capabilities.

  With the rapid development of the Industrial Internet, identifier has become a basic and strategic resource which is of great importance. By giving components, machines, products and other objects a globally unique identifier, it can achieve precise positioning and promote cross-system and cross-enterprise and cross-regional data sharing which has become a key capability to support "Internet of Everything".

  After obtaining the IAC, CAICT will design management mechanisms, and resolution frameworks, and combine the resource with the Industrial Internet Identifier Resolution System and the Blockchain Infrastructure, which are the two mega projects CAICT is leading, in order to promote the global use of VAA and to provide relative services globally.