Notice on the “Call for 6G Potential Key Technologies”


In order to accelerate the research and innovative development of 6G potential key technologies, the IMT-2030 (6G) Promotion Group (hereinafter referred to as the PG) intends to organize the “Call for 6G Potential Key Technologies”. The relevant items are notified as follows:

1. Objectives

By fully leveraging the PG’s role as the platform for 6G innovative research and international cooperation, the main objectives are to inspire university-academy-industry-association entities for technology innovations, gather and form a rich reserve of 6G potential key technologies, and support 6G research, standardization, and industrial R&D.

 (a) The PG will openly call for 6G potential key technologies from all over the world, evaluate and validate the technologies in a categorized and phased manner, establish mechanisms to help the transition from research results to practice use for key technologies that have potentials for standardization and industrialization.

 (b) The PG will give prioritized recommendations for the collected technologies, that have carried out iterative scheme optimization and design implementation, to participate in “6G Technology R&D Trial” (organized by PG).

 (c) The PG will support the technologies verified by “6G Technology R&D Trial” to enter the standardization research process.

The time period for the call is tentatively set from November 2022 to December 2023, during which technical solution can be submitted at any time. All domestic and international entities are encouraged to actively declare the latest research results, and the PG will regularly carry out technical assessment and verification work to ensure that the collected technologies are evaluated in time.

2. Declaration Subject

The call will uphold the principles of openness and collaboration. Domestic and overseas universities, research institutes, technology companies and promotion organizations in the field of information and communication are welcome to apply for participation. The leading institution should complete the protection of intellectual property rights related to the submitted technology on its own terms, and the submitted technical solution should be publicly available information.

3. Technical Directions

Referring to the “IMT.FUTURE TECHNOLOGY TRENDS OF TERRESTRIAL IMT SYSTEMS TOWARDS 2030 AND BEYOND” (to be formally released) by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), IMT-2030(6G) Promotion Group will call for 6G potential key technologies, accelerating the transition from research results to practical use for 6G. Please see Appendix I for more details.

4. Procedure

(a) The leading institution should fill out the technical solution form (please see Appendix II) and send the electronic version of the declaration form (editable version - word format + stamped and scanned version - PDF format, 2 copies in total) to the designated email address ( as required.

(b) After formal review of the declaration form by the Secretariat of PG, the technologies involved will be included in the “6G Potential Technology Reserve Pool”, and one receipt will be issued. The newly received technologies will be announced regularly.

(c) The relevant working group within the PG will regularly (tentatively every three months for an assessment) carry out preliminary assessment of the collected technical schemes, select some outstanding technologies, and decide whether to carry out formal evaluation in consultation with the declaration subjects. The technical solutions with good evaluation results will be included into the “6G Key Technology Reserve Pool”. The evaluation period generally does not exceed 6 months, and the final completion time is no later than June 2024.

(d) For the technical solution in the “6G Key Technology Reserve Pool”, the PG will support their corresponding approval of research projects, and assist in the whole process from the original to iterative scheme optimization, design implementation, and standard development.

5. Material Requirements

(a) The technologies proposed in technical solution should have the technological innovation and complete problem-solving approach. Its key technical indicators can be evaluated and verified. The technical solution should have application and promotion value for the 6G innovation and development.

(b) The leading institution must truthfully fill in the technical solution form based on the template, and must own the intellectual property rights, be responsible for the authenticity of the materials, and have no risk of legal liability. The declaration materials should be detailed, focused, accurate and logical, and avoid fiction and exaggeration.

(c) The naming rule for the electronic file of the declaration form is: “Call for 6G Technology + Technology Direction + Title of Technical Solution + Leading Institution + Name of Principal Investigator”.

(d) The PG will organize experts to implement a preliminary assessment of the declaration technical schemes, and release them in due course. More information can be found via

(e) For other outstanding issues, please contact the secretariat of the PG.

6. Contact Information

IMT-2030 (6G) Promotion Group Secretariat: Dr. Kaifeng Han, Phone: +86-10-62301143 (Consulting:




IMT-2030(6G) Promotion Group

November 2022



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