Call for “Cases of China-SCO Digital Cooperation” Is Now Open


On September 16, 2022, Chinese President Xi Jinping attended the 22nd Meeting of the Council of Heads of State of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and delivered an important speech, in which he proposed to "set up the China-SCO Big Data Cooperation Center to create new engines for common development". In October 2022, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) granted approval to China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT) to organize the "China-SCO Big Data Cooperation Center" project as an international exchange and cooperation platform for capacity building, application innovation, joint research and industry cooperation in the field of digital technologies between China and SCO countries.

To fully showcase the achievements of China-SCO digital cooperation, further promote the sharing of experiences in the field of digital technologies among SCO countries, and tap the demands for cooperation, CAICT is now launching an open call for “Cases of China-SCO Digital Cooperation" from around the world. The details of the call are as follows:

I. Deadline for the Call

From today to March 15, 2023.

II. Scope of the Call

1. Cases of digital infrastructure development;

2. Cases of IT technology innovation and development;

3. Cases of digital technology integration and application;

4. Cases of innovation in the assetization of data factor;

5. Cases of green and low-carbon digital applications;

6. Cases of application in other digital technology areas;

7. Capacity building cooperation, training, meetings, and exchange activities in the above areas.

III. How to Apply

1. Domestic and foreign companies, research institutes, academic institutions and higher education institutions can apply independently or jointly.

2. The submitted cases should be the projects, initiatives, programs, products, services, international meetings, training, and other activities within the scope of the call, which are carried out in SCO countries since 2020. The submissions should include the following information: basic information about the applicant(s), country/countries where the case is implemented, the partner(s), main technical features and innovations, the outcomes achieved/expected, as well as relevant pictures, photos, and videos about the case. Please see the attached template for the requirements on specific content and format.

3. Please send both the editable Word version and the sealed and scanned version of the case to the emails of the contact points, with the subject of the email in the following format: "Organization Name/Case of China-SCO Digital Cooperation".

IV. Release Process

Having received the submissions, the organizer will communicate with the applicant(s) one-on-one. The selected cases, as important research results of China-SCO big data cooperation, will be reported to the competent government departments and compiled into a collection of case, which will be publicly released to the world through the official website of "China-SCO Big Data Cooperation Center", WeChat official account and domestic and foreign media. The winners of the outstanding cases will be invited to give presentations and demonstrations at China-SCO international exchange events.

V. Contact Information

Mr. Guo:

Mr. Li:, 188-1070-0644

Mr. Sun:, 157-3207-1244

(Click the hyperlink at the end of the text and download the case application template)

Introduction to the SCO

Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) is a permanent international intergovernmental organization established in 2001 in Shanghai, China. The goals of the SCO are: to strengthen mutual trust, friendship and good-neighborliness between the Member States; to encourage the effective cooperation between the Member States in such spheres as politics, trade, economy, science and technology, culture, education, energy, transport, tourism, environmental protection, etc.; and to jointly ensure and maintain peace, security and stability in the region; and to promote a new democratic, fair and rational international political and economic international order.

Currently, the SCO countries include: 9 Member States - China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, India, Pakistan, and Iran; three Observer States - Afghanistan, Belarus, and Mongolia; and 14 Dialogue Partners - Azerbaijan, Armenia, Cambodia, Nepal, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qatar, Bahrain, Maldives, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and Myanmar.



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