Digital Twin Cities: Framework and Global Practices Insight Report



Digital twin technology is a new way of thinking and an advanced form of technological power. For such technology to progress in the long term, multistakeholders will need to cooperate and work together to ensure that the important role of digital twin technology is recognized, and that it is understood and disseminated. Also required are the mapping and exploration of the digital twin governance framework and the building of a consensus around it. Finally, success calls for the incubation, support and standardization of application scenarios.



Executive summary

1 The concept and value of the digital twin city

1.1 The digital twin city concept is becoming clearer

1.2 The four major technical characteristics of the digital twin city

1.3 Digital twin technology: bringing great value to cities

1.4 Three visions for the digital twin city

1.5 A promising future for digital twin cities

2 Key elements of the digital twin city

2.1 Architecture of digital twin city elements

2.2 Internal core elements of the digital twin city

2.3 External supporting elements of the digital twin city

3 Global digital twin city practices

3.1 Xiongan New Area, China: digital supervision of the whole life cycle of

the city using the BIM Management Platform

3.2 Kunming, China: Building a digital twin city traffic database to improve

comprehensive traffic management

3.3 Shenzhen, China: Mawan Smart Port using digital twin technologies

to achieve smart port operation and navigation management

3.4 Georgetown, Malaysia: projecting the potential impacts of new urban

projects through digital twin city models

3.5 New Mexico, USA: creating clean cities based on the digital twin city

platform to effectively reduce carbon emissions

3.6 Rennes, France: Virtual Rennes helps to significantly reduce costs in

metro planning and construction

3.7 New South Wales, Australia: developing a digital twin proof-of-concept

model to support multistakeholder participation in urban planning

4 Challenges and recommendations for the digital twin city

4.1 Challenges for the digital twin city

4.2 Suggestions for government

4.3 Recommendations for industry


Appendix 1: Global research perspectives on digital twin elements

Appendix 2: Policies related to digital twins in major global economies






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