《5G Security Report》

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      China Academy of Information and Communications Technology and IMT-2020(5G) Promotion Group

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      China Academy of Information and Communications Technology and IMT-2020(5G) Promotion Group

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  Foreword. 1

  I. The Significance of 5G Development 3

  1. 5G is the latest achievement in the development of global information technologies. 3

  2. 5G can foster new growth drivers for economic development. 3

  3. 5G will create new models of smart society. 4

  4. 5G will expand the connotations of people's livelihood and well-being. 4

  II. Overview of 5G Network. 4

  1. 5G network architecture and key technologies. 5

  2. 5G security framework. 7

  III. 5G Security Concept 8

  1. Looking at 5G security from a development perspective. 8

  2. Looking at 5G security from a system perspective. 9

  3. Looking at 5G security from an objective perspective. 9

  4. Looking at 5G security from a cooperation perspective. 10

  IV. 5G Security Analysis. 10

  1. Security analysis of 5G key technologies. 10

  2. Security analysis of typical 5G scenarios. 12

  3. Security analysis of 5G industry ecosystem.. 14

  V. 5G Security Train of Thoughts and Measures. 15

  1. Adhere to the simultaneous deployment of development and security. 16

  2. Establish a security responsibility system featuring multi-party coordination and with responsibilities of different parties clearly identified. 16

  3. Continue to promote the development of 5G security innovation. 16

  4. Strengthen the dynamic assessment of security risks in 5G applications. 17

  5. Build an integrated 5G network security protection mechanism. 17

  6. Strengthen the cultivation and training of talents with all-round 5G ability. 17

  VI. Outlook and Initiatives. 17

  1. Strengthen open cooperation and mutual trust, and work together to address 5G security risks. 18

  2. Accelerate the promotion of international standards for 5G security and gather global consensus. 18

  3. Establish an international 5G security evaluation and certification system to promote mutual trust and recognition. 18

  4. Strengthen the cooperation between upstream and downstream of the industry chain and boost confidence in 5G security. 18

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