2020 Digital China Industry Development Report (ICT Industry volume)

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      China Academy of Information and Communications Technology

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      China Academy of Information and Communications Technology

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  Accelerating the development of the Digital China industry is at a critical period. In recent years, the growth of the global economy has shown a marked slowdown. The global COVID-19 pandemic has brought more uncertainties to the adjustment of world economic and trade patterns. We need to seek development in the overall situation and find opportunities amid challenges. Against this background, this report puts forward four major trends that affect the development of digital technology, and, by analyzing the annual development of the Global Top 500 companies, concludes that the ICT industry is in a stable and improving stage and the allocation of innovation resources is becoming more and more accurate. The ICT industry of China, a cyber power in the world, is making steady progress on the whole. A comprehensive analysis of the data of listed companies shows that the results of improvement of industry quality and efficiency have gradually emerged and the pattern of industrial cluster development has taken initial shape. In the future, opportunities and challenges will coexist, and the ICT industry will usher in a golden period of high-quality development. Digital China is rich in content, with a wide range of industrial analysis perspectives and frequent hot spots. This report does not cover all the contents; it mainly starts from the development of market players and sees the overall situation in a subtle way. China Academy of Information and Communications Technology organized for the first time the preparation of the “Digital China Industry Development Report (ICT Industry volume)”. This report, as one of the important volumes, has received strong support from members of the Digital China Industry Development Alliance. We hope this report can provide a valuable reference for all sectors of the society to have an in-depth understanding of the Digital China industry development.

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