White Paper on the Development of Cloud Computing (2020)

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      China Academy of Information and Communications Technology

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      China Academy of Information and Communications Technology

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In the just-concluded national “two sessions” (the National People’s Congress and the Chinese Political Consultative Conference, NPC & CPPCC), “New Infrastructure” was included in the government work report for the first time. “New Infrastructure” will not only help expand domestic demand, promote consumption and stabilize growth, but will also inject digital impetus into industrial development and become a new driving force for economic growth. With the advancement of “New Infrastructure”, cloud computing will surely speed up the application process and achieve rapid development in various industries. This white paper is the sixth time that China Academy of Information and Communications Technology has released a cloud computing white paper following the “White Paper on Cloud Computing (2012)”. Based on the previous editions, this white paper focuses on the development and changes of the cloud computing industry in the past year, sorts out current development hotspots, and looks forward to future development trends. The white paper first introduces the development of cloud computing industry, and then focuses on hot topics in cloud computing fields such as cloud native, SaaS, distributed cloud, cloud native security, digital transformation and new infrastructure. Finally, it looks forward to the future development of cloud computing.

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