White Paper on the Development of Broadband in China (2020)

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      China Academy of Information and Communications Technology

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      China Academy of Information and Communications Technology

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1. The “Broadband China” Strategy Having Entered Its Final Year, with the Deployment of “New Infrastructure” Fully Launched

(1) Effective Implementation of “Broadband China” Strategic Policies and Measures

(2) The Central Government’s Deployment Indicating the New Direction of New Infrastructure Construction

(3) Economic and Social Transformation and Upgrading Stimulating New Demand for Broadband Network

 2. The Development of Broadband Network Having Achieved Remarkable Results, and the Comprehensive Level Having Reached a New Level

(1) Upgrade of Broadband Network Capacity

(2) Continuous Optimization of Broadband User Structure

(3) Significantly Improved User Experience

(4) Coordinated Development of Regional Broadband Networks

(5) Increasingly Evident Role of Fusion and Empowerment

 3. Continuous Evolution and Reconstruction of Broadband Network to Build the Cornerstone of the Digital Economy

(1) Accelerated Formation of a New Type of High-Speed Mobile, Agile and Efficient Network Based on Connection Speed

(2) Continuous Building of Data Resources with Advanced Technology and Integration of Storage and Calculation, with Computing Efficiency as the Core

(3) The Ecological Layout with Comprehensive Integration and Interaction Becoming More Mature, with Platform Convergence as the Carrier

(4) The Market Demand with Comprehensive Penetration, Fusion and Innovation Being Constantly Released, with Application Empowerment as the Traction

4. Taking Multiple Measures to Continue to Promote the Construction of Broadband Facilities in China

(1) Consolidating the Construction of Network and Computing Facilities

(2) Accelerating the Innovative Development of Integrated Infrastructure

(3) Optimizing the Ecological Layout of the Technology Industry

(4) Expanding Economic and Social Application Scenarios

(5) Creating A Good Policy Support Environment

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