White Paper on Open Source Ecology (2020)

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      China Academy of Information and Communications Technology

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      China Academy of Information and Communications Technology

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1. Overview of Open Source Ecology

(1) The Concept of Open Source Gradually Becoming Clear

(2) Open Source Ecology Built Around Open Source Projects


 2. Development Status of Open Source Ecology

(1) The Number of Open Sources Continuing to Rise, and China’s Open Source Covering the Full-Stack Technology Field

(2) Open Source Occupying Major Market Shares in Various Fields, and China’s Open Source Applications Being Increasing Year by Year

(3) The Number of Open Source Companies Maintaining a Steady Growth, and Chinese Companies Showing a Trend of Active Open Source

(4) Open Source Foundation Becoming an Important Role in Open Source Operations

(5) Open Source Ecology Having Been Formed in Various Industries, and Chinese Industries Actively Embracing Open Source

(6) The Open Source Risks Being Highlighted and Becoming a Barrier to Open Source Applications

(7) With the Rise of Global Open Source Governance Concepts, China Having Initially Formed an Open Source Governance Model

(8) Open Source Supporting Policies Being Improved and China’s Policies Guiding the Construction of Open Source Communities


 3. Open Source Becoming an Important Means of Corporate Business Layout

(1) Diversified Development of Global Open Source Business Models

(2) Global Open Source Companies Having Launched an Acquisition Model to Further Expand the User Base

(3) China’s Open Source Companies Having Initially Established Influential Open Source Projects


4. The Global Open Source Foundation Having a Mature Operating Model, and China Taking the Lead in Exploring the Alliance Operating Mechanism

(1) Good Open Source Communities Being the Prerequisite for the Formation of Open Source Code

(2) Open Source Foundation Operations Fostering Open Source Communities through Intellectual Property Custody

(3) China Having Gradually Formed a Stable Open Source Operation Mechanism


 5. Traditional Industries Gradually Embracing the Open Source Ecology, and China’s Industry Users Paying Attention to the Use of Open Source

(1) The Layout of Open Source in the Industrial Internet Focusing on New Opportunities for Industrial Digitization

(2) In the Telecom Industry, the User Side and Operators Promoting Open Source and Exploring Product Innovation

(3) The Development of Open Source in the Government Procurement Sectors Valuing the Openness and Transparency

(4) Open Source for Financial Institutions Focusing on the Industrial Innovation and Market Layout


 6. Open Source Risk Being Complex, and an Open Source Governance System Being Built

(1) The Risk of Intellectual Property Compliance and Security Vulnerability Being Relatively Common

(2) The Open Source Law and Intellectual Property Environment Promoting the Healthy Development of Open Source

(3) Open Source Governance Tools Accelerating the Construction of Corporate Open Source Governance System

(4) The Open Source Governance Model Being Gradually Implemented


7. Future Development Trends and Suggestions for Open Source Ecology

(1) Future Development Trend of Open Source Ecology

(2) Suggestions for China’s Open Source Ecological Development

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