Report on Information Consumption Development Trend in China (2020)

  • 【Published by】

      China Academy of Information and Communications Technology

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      China Academy of Information and Communications Technology

  • 【Published in】

      2020. 12

1. The Macro Situation Having Changed Profoundly, and the New Dual-cycle Development Pattern Fostering New Opportunities

(1) The Fundamentals of China’s Long-term Economic Improvement Remaining Unchanged

(2) The Fundamental Role of Consumption in Economic Development in the New Development Pattern Being Evident

(3) Information Consumption Having Become an Important Driving Force for Smooth Domestic Circulation

2. Iterative Evolution of Network Technology, and Six New Trends in Information Consumption

(1) Mode of Integration: from One-way Integration to Two-way Integration & Speedup

(2) Consumption Scenario: Expanding from Graphic Scenario to Video Scenario

(3) Service Model: from Contact Service to Contactless Service

(4) Supply & Manufacturing: Gradually Exploring from M2C to C2M

(5) Terminal Carriers: Extending from Traditional Information Products to Ubiquitous IoT Carriers

(6) Market Space: from Key Cities to Digging Deep into the Market

 3. The Information Consumption Policy Progressing in an Orderly Manner, and Scale Expansion and Quality Improvement Still Facing Some Challenges

(1) Implementation of Major Policies to Build a Solid Foundation for China’s Information Consumption

(2) The Central Government Having Made Arrangements to Clarify New Directions for Fostering New Consumption

(3) Three Major Problems Restricting the Upgrading of Information Consumption to a Higher Level

4. Working and Managing Together and Adopting Multiple Measures to Promote Information Consumption to a New Level

(1) Continuing to Improve Residents’ Spending Power

(2) Accelerating the Digital Transformation of Traditional Enterprises

(3) Promoting the Formation of a High-quality Supply Structure

(4) Grasping the Driving Effect of Demonstration Applications

(5) Comprehensively Creating a Safe Consumption Environment 

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