White Paper on Digital Twin City (2020)

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      China Academy of Information and Communications Technology

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      China Academy of Information and Communications Technology

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1. Development Trend of Digital Twin City

(1) Digital Twin Technology Incorporated into the National and Local Development Strategy System

(2) Digital Twin City Having Moved from the Concept Cultivation Period to the Construction and Implementation Period

(3) A Number of Scientific Research Institutions Conducting In-depth Research on Digital Twin City

(4) More Market Players Restructuring Technical Solutions around Digital Twin

(5) The Cooperation Ecology of Digital Twin City Presenting a Trend of Interweaving and Mutual Promotion

(6) New Infrastructure Projects Effectively Promoting the Accelerated Implementation of Digital Twin City

(7) Digital Twin City Accelerating Innovation of Urban Governance

(8) Continuous Improvement of Technology and Application Capabilities of Digital Twin City

(9) The Concept of Digital Twin Inspiring Thousands of Industries to Shorten the Digital Path

(10) Major Economies in the World Actively Promoting the Construction of Digital Twin


2. Core Competence Elements of Digital Twin City

(1) IoT Perception and Control Capability: Reflect Real-time Operation Status

(2) All-element Digital Expression Ability: Achieve Accurate Mapping

(3) Visual Presentation Ability: The “Opening Method” of the Digital City

(4) Data Fusion Supply Capacity: Establish a Data Resource System

(5) Spatial Analysis and Calculation Capability: Optimize the Spatial Layout of Elements

(6) Simulation Deduction Ability: Predict Future Development Trends

(7) Ability to Integrate and Interact the Virtual and Real: Open up the Interface between the Two Worlds

(8) Self-learning and Self-optimizing Ability: Assist City Management Decision-Making

(9) Mass Innovation and Expansion Capabilities: Forming an Application Innovation Platform


3. Current Major Problems of Digital Twin City

(1) The Purpose and Direction of the Advancement Being Unclear, and the Depth of Application Scenarios Being Insufficient

(2) With Repeated Construction of Urban Information Model, Twin Bases Urgently Needing to Be Integrated

(3) Lack of Unified CIM Platform Specifications and Lack of Data Integration Standards

(4) There Being a Risk of Getting Stuck in Key Technologies as They Are Owned by Other Countries, and Innovation and Breakthroughs Being Urgently Needed


4. Strategies and Suggestions for the Promotion of Digital Twin City

(1) To Clarify the Direction and Make Overall Plans to Build a Unified CIM Platform

(2) To Make Big Breakthrough by Finding the Small Opening and Take Multiple Measures to Cultivate Applications

(3) To Establish Relevant Data Standards to Promote Data Fusion and Application Development

(4) To Strengthen Industrial Ecological Cooperation through Parallel Basic Research and Innovative Practices

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