White Paper on Global Digital Governance (2020)

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      China Academy of Information and Communications Technology

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      China Academy of Information and Communications Technology

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Chapter 1: Digital Globalization and New Challenges of Global Governance

(1) A New Round of Globalization Driven by Digitalization

(2) Digital Globalization Triggering New Challenges in Global Governance

(3)  Governance deficits continuing to grow in the age of digital globalization

Chapter 2: A New Picture of Global Governance in the Digital Era

(1) Main Topics of Global Digital Governance

(2) Three Types of Mechanisms Jointly Shaping Global Digital Governance

(3) Intrinsic Characteristics of Global Digital Governance

Chapter 3: Digital Governance Innovation and Dilemma under the Global Multilateral Framework

(1) G20: Leading the General Strategy of Global Digital Governance with a Composite Mechanism

(2) WTO: Promoting Global Cooperation in E-commerce through Plurilateral Negotiations

(3) APEC: Shaping Privacy Rules with the Pathfinder Initiative

(4) OECD: Shaping Common Knowledge to Promote Digital Taxation Governance

(5) Summary: Lack of Consensus Leading to Difficulties in the Multilateral Framework

Chapter 4: Bilateral and Regional Mechanisms Shaping a Template for Digital Governance Rules

(1) The Number of E-commerce Clauses in the Bilateral Plurilateral Free Trade Agreement Having Increased Sharply

(2) Facilitating E-commerce Having Become a Consensus of Many Countries

(3) Cross-border Data Flow Having Become the Focus of Global Governance

(4) Digital Governance Extending to Behind-the-border Rules

(5) Summary: Reshaping the Global Digital Governance System with Dual & Plurilateral Governance

Chapter 5: The Private Sector Increasingly Becoming an Important Force in Global Digital Governance

(1) Digital Platforms Participating in Shaping E-commerce and Content Governance Rules

(2) Standardization Organizations Led by the Private Sector Embedded in Global Digital Governance

(3) The Government and the Private Sector Increasingly Cooperating in the Construction of International Norms

(4) Summary: The Separation of Politics and Economy Promoting the Rise of Private Sector Governance

Chapter 6: Global Digital Governance Outlook

(1) Global Digital Governance Ushering in a Critical Period of Rule Reconstruction

(2) Multilateral Governance Continuing to Advance Slowly in Exploration

(3) The Dual & Plurilateral Mechanism Remaining to Be the Most Active Platform for Shaping Governance Rules

(4) Cooperation between the Private Sector and the Government Expected to Deepen

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