White Paper on Internet Law (2020)

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      China Academy of Information and Communications Technology

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      China Academy of Information and Communications Technology

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1. Progress in the World

(1) Cyber Security Continuing to Heat Up, with Focus on Data Security

(2) Content Management Being Strengthened, with Platform Responsibilities Highlighted

(3) The Cyber Society Constantly Regulated to Respond to New and Old Problems


2. Progress in China

(1) Clear Top-level Design of Data Security and Refined Cyber Security System

(2) Accelerated Legislation on Personal Information Protection and Simultaneous Advancing of Law Enforcement and Justice

(3) Continuous Strengthening of Network Content Management and Continuous Implementation of Platform Responsibilities

(4) Strong Online Protection of Minors and Successful Introduction of the Main Legislation

(5) Orderly Operation of the Cyber Society as a Whole and Key Issues Being Responded


3. Future Outlook

(1) To Accelerate the Implementation of Key Legislation by Improving the Supporting System

(2) To Clarify the Legislative Trends in Key Areas Based on Industrial Development

(3) To Solve Legislation on New Technology and New Application through Specific Scenarios

(4) To Promote the Secure and Orderly Flow of Data through the Overall Mechanism

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