White Paper on Big Data (2020)

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      China Academy of Information and Communications Technology

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      China Academy of Information and Communications Technology

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1. National Data Strategy

(1) The Market-oriented Allocation of Data Elements Having Become a National Strategy

(2) Countries Accelerating the Layout and Exploring the Future Development of Data


2. Development of Big Data Technology

(1) Panoramic Analysis of Big Data Technology

(2) Development Trend of Big Data Technology

(3) Progress in Big Data Research and Innovation


3. Development of Big Data Industry

(1) Discussion on the Ecological Definition of Big Data Industry

(2) Interpretation of the Business Model of the Big Data Industry

(3) Insights into the Development of the Players of the Big Data Industry

(4) Analysis of Financing Trend of Big Data Companies


4. Big Data Industry Applications

(1) Big Data Comprehensively Helping Win the Battle Against Epidemic Prevention and Control

(2) Demand Promoting Further Development of the Value of Communication Big Data

(3) Policy Foreshadowing Providing Development Opportunities for Industrial Big Data

(4) Internet Big Data Boosting Business Model Innovation and Expansion

(5) The Application of Financial Big Data Having Become the Core Competitiveness of the Industry


5. Data Governance

(1) Gradually Improved Data Management Capability within Organizations

(2) Accelerated Data Sharing and Circulation among Organizations

(3) Data Security Governance Having Become a Focus That Cannot Be Ignored


6. Big Data Legal System

(1) To Strengthen Personal Rights and Interests and Speed Up Legislation on Personal Information Protection

(2) To Adhere to Multilateral Cooperation and Strengthen Legislation on Cross-border Data Flow

(3) To Clarify the Attributes of Rights and Explore Data Ownership Legislation


7. Prospects and Suggestions

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