White Paper on Blockchain (2020)

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      China Academy of Information and Communications Technology

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      China Academy of Information and Communications Technology

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I. Overview of the Development of Blockchain

(1) Insights into the Development Trend of Blockchain

(2) Development Status of Blockchain in the World

1. Policy and Project Coordination to Promote Industrial Development

2. Capital Enthusiasm Being Cooling Down and the Industry Returning to Rationality

3. Multi-directional Innovation and Breakthrough and Steady Construction of Ecology

(3) Development Status of Blockchain in China

1. Favorable Policy Environment and Accelerated Local Deployment of Applications

2. The Scale of China’s Enterprises Tending to Be Stable, and Application Areas Being Explored in Multiple Directions


II. The Development Condition of Blockchain Technology

(1) Blockchain Technology Map

1. Current Status of Core Technologies

2. Current Status of Expansion Technologies

3. Current Status of Supporting Technologies

(2) The Development Trend of Blockchain Technology

1. More Efficient Data Circulation

2. Wider Network Scale

3. More Refined Technical Operation and Maintenance

4. More Controllable Platform Security


III. The Development Condition of the Blockchain Industry

(1) Blockchain Industry Map

1. The Blockchain Industry Chain Being Gradually Taking Shape

2. Active Layout of Various Market Players

(2) The Development Trend of the Blockchain Industry

1. The Development Environment Being Improved, and Industrial Support to Be Increased

2. The Ecology Being Gradually Improved, and the Industry Scale Being Increasing

3. Service-oriented Platform and Gradually Rising Call for Infrastructure

4. Application Implemented in Multiple Directions, and Industry Penetration Being Rising

5. Integration of New Technologies to Expand Application Innovation Space


IV. Governance of Blockchain Alliance Ecology

(1) The Blockchain Alliance Ecology Presenting a Hierarchical Development

1. Technology Deployment Dominant Mode

2. Practical Application Dominant Mode

3. Customized Collaboration Assistance Mode

(2) Analysis of Key Points of Blockchain Supervision for Different Alliance Ecologies

(3) The Blockchain Alliance Adopting a Variety of Governance Means to Ensure Compliance

1. To Carry out Key Pre-review on the Contents Involved in the Blockchain

2. To Conduct a Comprehensive Assessment of the Risks Associated with Blockchain Applications

3. To Promote the Implementation of Blockchain Applications That Meet Regulatory Requirements


V. Challenges and Suggestions for the Development of Blockchain

(1) Challenges

1. Technical Independent Innovation Needing Breakthrough

2. Application Modes and Paths Needing to Be Explored

3. The Long-term Governance Needs of the Alliance Being Prominent

(2) Suggestions for the Development

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