White Paper on Industrial Chain Development for Safety Emergency Response

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      March, 2021

1. Clear requirements for emergency supply system in the combat against the epidemic

(1)      Complete industrial chain

(2)      Reasonable regional layout  

(3)      Orderly cascaded guarantee  

2. Status quo of industrial chain development for major epidemic emergency supplies

(1)      Medical protective products

(2)      Medical equipment

(3)      Medical transportation vehicles

(4)      Disinfection products

(5)      In vitro diagnostic products

(6)      Summary

3. Capability system for rapid response and efficient guarantee of emergency supplies

(1)      Reserves-of-supplies guarantee capability as the key foundation

(2)      Collaborative guarantee capability of industrial chain as an important support

(3)      Production switch and mobilization capability during the disaster as a powerful supplement

4. Suggestions on industrial chain development

(1)      Strengthening the top-level design for epidemic emergency supplies

(2)      Improving the industrial chain innovation capability for epidemic emergency supplies

(3)      Formulating the overall planning for regional layout of epidemic emergency supplies  

(4)     Constructing a capability system of guaranteeing epidemic emergency supplies 

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