Report on the Development Trend of China’s Information Consumption (2022)

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The White Paper pointed out that at the beginning of the 14th Five-Year Plan period, in the complex and volatile global economic climate, information consumption, with its strong development resilience, has sustained the stable recovery of China’s economy and the strong growth of the consumer market, becoming an important driving force for domestic demand. Information consumption has continuously stimulated market vitality and innovative impetus, and presented seven new features and new trends in terms of life services, public services, smart products, consumer groups, consumption concepts, basic support and sound legal environment. Its role of “ballast” for building a new development pattern of dual circulation has become increasingly prominent.



I. Steady Macro-Economic Growth to Effectively Tap Development Potential
(I) Steady recovery of the Chinese economy consolidates the development foundation
(II) Consumer market shows strong growth momentum, playing an increasingly significant role of the ballast for building a new development pattern of dual circulation
(III) Active information consumption has become an important driving force for domestic demand

II. New Technologies and New Applications Are Accelerating Progress, Creating New Trends of Information Consumption
(I) Life services: New online consumption shows strong vitality
(II) Public Services: Equal access to digital services boosted
(III) Smart products: Terminal carriers continuously upgraded to higher performance
(IV) Consumer groups: Consumption keeps increasing and extends to the young and middle-aged population
(V) Consumption concepts: People are showing greater interest in paid content, emerging to be the mainstream
(VI) Basic support: IT services are more convenient and efficient
(VII) Sound legal environment: Intensive introduction of laws and regulations has far-reaching implications

III. Refining Policies in Information Consumption, and Keeping Alert to Risks in Development
(I) Intensive release of favorable policies to help bolster the domestic market
(II) China’s information consumption is gaining momentum and has a solid foundation for development
(III) There have remained problems in development and constant Efforts should be made to surmount difficulties and defuse risks

IV. Coordination Across Different Levels to Promote the Sustainable and Healthy Development of Information Consumption
(I) Increase the growth of residents’ real income to boost their consumption capacity
(II) Strengthen new technologies and new models to stimulate long-term vitality of consumption
(III) Regulate the competition order of market operation to maintain a fair and healthy environment
(IV) Expand the coverage of consumer groups to enhance the sense of fulfillment for all
(V) Accelerate the construction of pilot demonstration cities to optimize the information consumption experience

     - Report on the Development Trend of China’s Information Consumption (2022)