White Paper on Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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      April, 2022


The white paper offers a thorough review of the most recent development of AI across the globe since 2021 in terms of policy, technology, application, as well as governance, mainly analyzes the new development situation and stage of AI, and endeavors to present a comprehensive overview of its current development trend. It can serve as a reference for all walks of life to jointly promote the sustainable and sound development of AI.


I. Overview of the Development of AI

(I) Countries across the globe are constantly upgrading their AI strategies and grabbing for development opportunities

(II) AI has entered a new development stage, with a focus on realizing sustainable and sound development

II. Three-Pronged Evolution of AI Technologies and Applications

(I) Continuous breakthroughs in AI technological innovation

(II) AI toolchain becoming the core engineering capabilities

(III) Integrated development of secure and trustworthy AI technologies

III. AI Governance Focused on Making AI More Secure and Trustworthy

(I) A global governance mechanism has been initially established to cope with rising AI risks

(II) AI governance has entered a new stage featuring combined use of soft and hard laws and scenario-based regulation

(III) AI security framework has become key guidelines guarding against AI risks

(IV) Trustworthy AI has become an important methodology of realizing AI governance

IV. Summary and Outlook

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