White Paper on Data Center (2022)

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      April, 2022


Based on observation of global and domestic situation of data center, the white paper offers an overview of the data center industry and its hot issues, analyzes the development of China’s data center industry in terms of market, technology and policy, and forecasts its future development trend.


I. Continuous and Stable Development

(I) In terms of scale, global growth remains relatively stable, while China maintains its rapid growth

(II) In terms of income, the global market expands steadily, while China sustains a relatively high growth rate

(III) In terms of demand, emerging markets have robust demands, while China holds diverse application scenarios

(IV) In terms of competition, the scope of competition has expanded, and the practice of mergers and acquisitions drives the strong to become stronger

(V) In terms low-carbon, the technological mechanism has been constantly improved, and the practice of energy conservation has been promoted rapidly

(VI) In terms of policies, China's central and local governments work together to promote low-carbon and high-quality development

II. Innovation-driven Transformation

(I) The applications of new energy technologies are further promoted to boost green and low-carbon development

(II) The increasingly intelligent operation and maintenance process boosts work efficiency

(III) The pre-assembling modularization technology is deeply integrated to shorten the project construction period

(IV) The commercialization of liquid cooling technology is becoming mature, with ever-increasing application cases

(V) The development and deployment of high-density servers has sped up, enhancing the computing power per unit area

(VI) The market for all-in-one backup machines grows rapidly, resulting in enhanced disaster recovery and backup capabilities

(VII) New storage and access protocols are constantly evolving and network storage is deeply integrated

(VIII) The interconnectivity demand for ubiquitous computing power will increase, and innovation in computing power network will accelerate

III. Development Trend of China’s Data Center

(I) The layout has been gradually optimized, and the trend of integration has been enhanced

(II) Innovation continues to drive development, and the technologies applied become more advanced

(III) The integration of computing power network speeds up, and ubiquitous computing power realizes high-quality development

(IV) The enabling effect of data center has deepened, with significant support of digital transformation

(V) Low-carbon requirements have been tightened to help achieve the dual carbon target

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