White Paper on Cloud Computing (2022)

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      July, 2022

The white paper argues that fueled by the new economy, cloud migration and use by enterprises has entered a new development cycle, which features shift from cloud migration of resources to cloud migration of architectures, from extensive use to fine management, from function priority to balance between security and stability.


I. The Growth of the Global Cloud Computing Market Rebounds, while the Chinese Market Maintains High-speed Growth


II. China’s Cloud Computing Industry with Chinese Characteristics Presents Five Features


III. More Mature Cloud Native Technologies and Capabilities Accelerate Changes in Enterprises’ IT Factors

(I)        The cloud native technology ecosystem is being improved, providing technological guarantee for enterprises’ IT factors

(II)       The cloud native capability model is being enriched, providing O&M guarantee for enterprises’ IT factors

(III)      Cloud native is deeply integrated into infrastructure, promoting comprehensive upgrading of enterprises’ IT factors


IV. The Evolution of Cloud Services into Computing Power Services Contributes to High-quality Development of the Computing Power Economy

(I)        Computing power services are upgraded cloud services with three characteristics

(II)       Computing power service technology is developing fast, with a new system taking shape

(III)      Computing power services have become the only way to high-quality development of the computing power economy


V. As System Stability on the Cloud Faces Challenges, a Combination of Technology and Management Helps Improve Capabilities

(I)        Cloud migration of systems faces challenges, making it pressing to ensure system stability

(II)       A work safety system should be established for cloud business to improve process management mechanisms

(III)      A whole-process stability guarantee system should be established to enhance the technological guarantee capacity


VI. Application of New Technology Concepts to Establish a Whole-process Security System for Cloud Migration

(I)        Cloud security mechanisms are in urgent need of improvement as cloud computing faces new security requirements

(II)       Supply chain access control mechanisms should be improved prior to cloud migration to avoid cloud computing introduction risks

(III)      A zero-trust approach should be applied to build a security system during cloud migration to ensure trusted access of cloud resources

(IV)     Unified security operation capabilities should be developed after cloud migration to fully unlock the value of security resources


VII. Cloud Cost Optimization Is Imperative and Should Run through the Full Life Cycle of Cloud Migration and Use

(I)        Waste of cloud resources is widespread, and the optimization is challenging

(II)       People, tools and mechanisms are key elements of cloud cost optimization

(III)      The cloud cost optimization process should run through the full life cycle of cloud migration and use


VIII. Development Prospects

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