White Paper on Information Accessibility (2022)

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      May, 2022

The white paper systematically tracks the development of information accessibility in China, summarizes the progress in this regard in terms of policies, network infrastructure, products and services, standards and norms, exhibits in particular the achievements in the development of more elder-friendly and accessible Internet applications, and then offers recommendations for promoting the accelerated development of information accessibility in China.


I. Connotation of Information Accessibility

(I)        Definition of information accessibility and its key beneficiaries

(II)       The significance of information accessibility


II. Achievements in Information Accessibility in China

(I)        Policy guidance: pushing information accessibility to a new level

(II)       Network foundation: further promoting telecommunication services for the elderly and the disabled

(III)      Optimized applications: accelerating the transformation of Internet products into more accessible ones

(IV)     Terminal supply: diversifying assistive devices

(V)       Technology empowerment: integrating next-generation information technology into information accessibility

(VI)     Norms and regulations: a standard system basically taking shape

(VII)    Increased awareness: creating a better environment for the development of information accessibility


III. Problems with Information Accessibility in China

(I)        Unsound policies and regulations

(II)       Inadequately binding standards and norms

(III)      Low penetration of elder-friendly and accessible Internet applications

(IV)     Insufficient effective market supply of information accessibility terminals


IV. Development Prospects of Information Accessibility

(I)        Internet applications and terminals that support information accessibility will become a trend

(II)       Next-generation information technology will be widely applied to information accessibility

(III)      Information accessibility will be industrialized

(IV)     The good atmosphere of society-wide efforts to build information accessibility will become stronger


V. Recommendations for Promoting the Development of Information Accessibility

(I)        Create a favorable policy environment, and advance the development of information accessibility laws and regulations

(II)       Increase the penetration rate of accessibility, and incorporate the design idea into product life cycle

(III)      Promote technology openness and sharing, and stimulate the enabling potential of information technology

(IV) Strengthen publicity and guidance, and improve the public awareness of caring for the elderly and helping the disabled

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