Annual Observation Report on Global Digital Economic and Trade Rules (2022)

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      July, 2022

The white paper summarizes the overall development situation of digital economic and trade rules, analyzes the evolution and trend of key rules, and proposes the direction of efforts to deepen international cooperation in digital economy and trade in the dimension of inclusive growth, open mechanisms and forward-looking issues, with a view to providing a reference for all sectors to understand the trends and developments in digital economic and trade rules.


I. A New Stage of International Economic and Trade Rules Driven by Digital Trade Development

(I)       Technological innovation has driven three changes in the international trade structure

(II)      Rules evolve with the transition of the requirements for trade forms and regulations

(III)     The connotation and extension of digital economic and trade rules have been enriched


II. Overall Development Situation of Digital Economic and Trade Rules

(I)        Multilateral mechanisms have once again become important platforms for rule making

(II)       The “concentric circle” effect has sped up the development of digital economic and trade rules

(III)      Digital economic and trade rules are evolving through coordination and integration

(IV)     An Asian-Pacific digital partnership network is taking shape faster


III. The Latest Trends in Key Digital Economic and Trade Rules

(I)        Higher-standard digital trade facilitation

(II)       A new framework for market access systems amidst complex changes

(III)      New consensus from continued coordination of cross-border data flow rules

(IV)     New breakthroughs in narrowing the disagreement on digital taxation rules

(V)       Accelerated penetration of emerging issues into international economic and trade rules


IV. Development Prospects

(I)        Promote more inclusive growth, and work to bridge the digital divide between countries

(II)       Establish more open mechanisms, and give full play to the key role of multilateralism

(III) Make issues more forward-looking, and deepen cooperation on rule making for emerging technologies

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