Research Report on the Development and Application of Quantum Information Technology (2022)

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      China Academy of Information and Communications Technology

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      China Academy of Information and Communications Technology

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      January 2023

I.          Overall Development Situation of QIT

(i)              QIT is an integral part of quantum technologies

(ii)            Quantum information has become a hot area of policy layout and investment in many countries around the world

(iii)          Research and technological innovation are developing rapidly in the three major areas of quantum information

(iv)           The development of QIT and its industry ecology has received much attention from multiple stakeholders


II.       Advances in Quantum Computing Research and Application

(i)              Prototype research and development routes contend with each other, with numerous highlights in research progress

(ii)            Quantum error correction has become the focus of attention, and will be the next milestone

(iii)          Benchmarking provides important reference for performance characterization and industry observation

(iv)           Software and cloud platforms are developing rapidly, to which the key lies at building a user ecosystem

(v)             The application has been extensively explored but not implemented, triggering a debate over whether it is a bubble


III.    Advances in Quantum Communication Research and Application

(i)              Research on quantum key distribution is active, with the performance of the experimental system improved

(ii)            Research on quantum information networks continues, with breakthroughs yet to be made in enabling technologies

(iii)          Space quantum communication will become an important direction of research and application development

(iv)           Quantum encrypted communication (QEC) has been explored and applied, and standard testing and verification should be strengthened

(v)             QEC and PQC are expected to form fusion integration options


IV.    Advances in Quantum Measurement Research and Application

(i)              Multiple quantum measurement technologies co-exist, and the level of prototype engineering is improved

(ii)            Quantum measurement contributes to life science research, enabling wearable and non-invasive tests

(iii)          Quantum measurement enables vertical applications and becomes a catalyst for accelerating industrial upgrading

(iv)           Quantum measurement is integrated with other technological fields to become more intelligent

(v)             The commercial use of quantum measurement is developing rapidly, with an industrial value chain preliminarily established


V.       Prospects for QIT and Its Application

(i)              Research and development in the three major areas will continue to advance, with the prospects for QIT application and industry varying

(ii)            QIT will be developed to kick off the next cycle of technological innovation

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