White Paper on China's 5G Development and Its Economic and Social Impacts (2022)

  • 【Published by】

      China Academy of Information and Communications Technology

  • 【Complied by】

      China Academy of Information and Communications Technology

  • 【Published in】

      January 2023

I.          China's 5G Development Is Building up Momentum

(i)              The policy system has been preliminarily established to promote the large-scale application of 5G

(ii)            The network construction continues to advance to increase the coverage depth of segmentation scenarios

(iii)          The proportion of users has exceeded 30% and 5G application has entered a critical period of scale replication

(iv)           5G standards continue to evolve, and the standardization of fusion application has begun

(v)             The 5G industry chain is developing steadily, and a product system has taken shape


II.       5G's Economic and Social Impacts Continue to Grow

(i)              5G contributes to steady growth of the digital industry

(ii)            5G stimulates the potential of different industries for digital production

(iii)          5G improves the quality of life


III.    Unleashing the Potential of 5G Can Invigorate the Economy

(i)              The network support capacity should be strengthened to lay a solid digital foundation for high-quality development

(ii)            Technical standards should continue to evolve to expand the possible boundaries of application innovation

(iii)          Personal application innovation should be encouraged to drive the rapid growth of information consumption

(iv)           Industry application should be further empowered to facilitate the digital transformation of traditional industries

(v)             The product supply capacity should be enhanced to foster new industries and new business forms

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