White Paper on Global Digital Economy (2022)

  • 【Published by】

      China Academy of Information and Communications Technology

  • 【Complied by】

      China Academy of Information and Communications Technology

  • 【Published in】

      December 2022

I.          Layout and Implementation of Global Digital Economy Strategies Advancing in Parallel

(i)              With the level of such strategies raised, digital economy has become the top-level design of countries around the world

(ii)            With the focus of such strategies set, policy guidance has been strengthened for key areas

(iii)          With the implementation of such strategies enhanced, a range of measures have been put in place to ensure effective implementation of the strategies

(iv)           With actors diversified, emerging economies have become important participants


II.       Digital Economy as a Key Pillar of Global Economic Recovery

(i)              Global digital economy as a whole has maintained steady development

(ii)            Developed countries and high-income countries have a significant lead in digital economy

(iii)          China, the US and the EU have become the three poles of global digital economy development


III.    Vision for Global Digital Economy

(i)              Enhance digital technology research and development capabilities for innovations and breakthroughs

(ii)            Build quality and inclusive digital economy infrastructure

(iii)          Explore pathways to high-quality and efficient data value release

(iv)           Advance the digital transformation process through deep integration

(v)             Explore a system of rules for a reciprocal and orderly digital economy

(vi)           Build an open and inclusive community with a shared future in cyberspace

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