White Paper on China's Fintech Ecology (2022)

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      China Academy of Information and Communications Technology

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      China Academy of Information and Communications Technology

  • 【Published in】

      November 2022

I.          Overall Development Trend of Global Fintech Industry

(i)               The allocation of financial resources depends more on technology empowerment amidst a complex and volatile global economic environment

(ii)             As the problem of cross-border financial security is pressing, autonomy and stability have become a key concern for all countries

(iii)           The scale of fintech investment and financing has dropped, and the overall structure stays relatively stable


II.       Overall Development Trend of China's Fintech Industry

(i)               The policy environment continues to be optimized and the capacity for sustainable development continues to be enhanced

(ii)             The orientation of the industry has undergone profound changes, laying equal emphasis on both independent innovation and support for the real economy

(iii)           Various entities have sped up the adjustment of their development positioning, resulting in the continuous evolution of the industrial landscape


III.    Innovation and Evolution of Key Fintech Technologies

(i)               Data intelligence has been further applied, releasing the multiplier effect of financial data elements

(ii)             The computing power network has been upgraded, promoting the efficiency improvement and capacity expansion of the digital foundation of the financial industry

(iii)           The technology architecture is evolving in an innovative way, improving the digital and agile development capabilities of the financial industry

(iv)           Security technologies continue to develop, enhancing the digital security of the financial industry

(v)             New technologies continue to evolve, bringing new space for financial innovation and development


IV.     Faster Development of Hot Fintech Applications

(i)               An end-to-end digital risk control system has been established, improving the risk control capabilities of the financial industry

(ii)             New channels and models of digital services have been created, upgrading the customer service capabilities

(iii)           Digital application scenarios continue to expand, accelerating the development of scenario-based finance

(iv)           The application of digital RMB continues to expand, bringing about iterative upgrading of payment technologies

(v)             The application of asset management and insurance technologies has deepened, pushing forward innovation in products and services


V.       The Importance Value of Fintech to Social and Economic Development under New Circumstances

(i)               Fintech can upgrade the industry's financial service capabilities to boost technological innovation and core competitiveness improvement

(ii)             Fintech can promote the development of digital inclusive finance to contribute to narrowing the digital divide

(iii)           Fintech can fuel green finance and transition finance to provide important support for high-quality economic development

(iv)           Fintech can enhance opening-up and cooperation capabilities to provide financial momentum for the Belt and Road Initiative


VI.     Prospects for the Development Trend of Fintech Ecology under New Circumstances

(i)               The requirements for independent innovation in core technologies will be raised to drive the development of key areas

(ii)             The digital transformation of the financial industry will be more systematic, and the model of transformation will be established more rapidly

(iii)           The importance attached to digital security will be increased to an unprecedented level, and data governance capability will become the core competitiveness

(iv)           Prudential supervision will be accelerated and building a safe and inclusive development environment will become a consensus

(v)             Enriching the connotation of digital economy will become a key driver of bi-directional and deep integration of finance and technology

(vi)           The social value attributes of the financial industry will be increasingly obvious, contributing financial momentum to high-quality development

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