Asia Digital Economy Report (2023)

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1. Development of digital economy in Asia

    1.1 Digital economy as a key source of growth for Asia

    1.2 Fast growth of digital economy in major Asian countries

2. Digital economy policies in Asia

    2.1 Policy focus of Asian countries for the digital economy

    2.2 Digital economy measures within Asian regional cooperation frameworks

3. Key developments in Asia’s digital economy

    3.1 Improved deployment of digital economy infrastructure

    3.2 Great potential from digital technology and industrial empowerment

    3.3 Accelerated integration of digital technology into the real economy

    3.4 Efficient and streamlined governance systems enabled by digital tools

    3.5 Increasingly matured innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem

4. Outlook on the digital economy in Asia

    4.1 Multiple challenges to be addressed

    4.2 Joint efforts for shared benefits of digital economy

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