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White Paper on China International Optical Cable Interconnection(2018)  

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International optical cables are vital to global communications. With the vast majority of international data transmission occurring through submarine optical cables, a country's degree of international optical cable interconnectedness is critical to its economic competitiveness and standard of living. According to a TeleGeography report, over 95% international data is transmitted this way. Since China's first submarine optical cable, which connected with Japan, launched in 1993, submarine optical cables have become the most important way that China connects with the rest of the world.


  1 Development Trends of International Optical Cables. 1

  1.1 Submarine Optical Cables Vital for International Communications  1

  1.2 Fierce Competition in Global Submarine Cable Market. 2

  1.3 Internet Giants Become New Forces in the Submarine Cable Club. 4

  1.4 Development Trends of Collaboration Between Submarine Cables and Data Centers Is Obvious. 5

  1.5 International Submarine Cable Interconnection Will Usher in an Important Development Phase. 7

  2 Development of China International Optical Cables. 9

  2.1 Surrounding Countries Connected by Cross-border Terrestrial Cables  9

  2.2 Key Countries Connected by International Submarine Cables. 10

  2.3 Booming Optical Cable Industry.. 13

  2.4 Insufficient Development in Comparison with International Submarine Cables. 14

  3 Prospects of China International Optical Cables. 16

  3.1 Information and Communication Infrastructure Interconnection is an Important Cooperative Content of " The Belt and Road ". 16

  3.2 International Exchanges and Flow of Production Factors to Promote the Development of International Submarine Cables. 17

  3.3 Overseas Business Development of the Internet Enterprises Promotes Strong Demand for International Bandwidth.. 19

  3.4 China's Geopolitical Advantage Breeds Broad Space for Synergetic Development of Terrestrial and Submarine Cable.. 21

  4 Recommendations on China International Optical Cables  23

  4.1 Serving BRI and Accelerating the Global Submarine Cable Layout.. 23

  4.2 Optimizing Landing Station Laying and Cooperating to Build Supporting Points of Submarine Cable Network.. 24

  4.3 Optimizing Policies and Regulations for Better International Submarine Cable Development Environment.. 26

  4.4 Encouraging overseas business and network to develop together.. 27

  4.5 Strengthening International Cooperation and Exploring the Submarine Cable Connection Mode  28



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