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SD-OTN Testing and Experimenting Platform  

System Introduction

  The SD-OTN Testing Platform is a software system that supports protocol conformance test of SDTN southbound and northbound interfaces, and the function and performance test of the controller. The experimenting platform realizes the main functions of SDTN and can be used for technical validation.


Function & Feature

  The northbound interface testing platform supports RESTful API protocol test, and protocol content integrity/correctness verification; has a user-friendly test operation interface; supports custom test parameters and timed/batch test; supports data flow verification with instrument connection; and supports remote test.

  The southbound OpenFlow protocol extension testing platform for optical networks supports the conformance test and verification of OpenFlow optical protocol extension.

  The SDTN experimenting platform supports SD-OTN southbound and northbound interface protocol extensions; supports functions such as topology, routing computation and optical connection control; and builds an experimenting network, which consists of OTN equipment and simulation nodes, and can be used for technical experiment verification.


Outcome Promotion, Application and Transformation Ways

  • Published 1 EI paper, applied for 2 software copyrights;

  • CAICT has become an international ONF certified lab that can work on SDTN related international test certification, and is looking for market cooperation;

  • Can be used for OTN and PTN based SDTN equipment access test certification;

  • Can be used for SDTN evaluation and model selection tests for operators and equipment manufacturers; and

  • Can provide an experiment, test and validation environment for SDN/NFV industry alliance.



  Contact: Ding Hui

  Tel.: 010-62305506




Figure 1 SDTN Experimenting Platform Collaboration Layer Controller Software (Independent Development)


Figure 2 SDN Northbound Interface Testing Platform