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Automation System for Test Management and Execution  

System Introduction

  The system can provide management functions to GCF/PTCRB certified test tasks, such as creation of test tasks, generation of test plans, allocation and execution, input of test results, management of test process, and production of test reports.


Function & Feature

  • Whole-process automation of GCF/PTCRB certification and test management;

  • Support more than 30 test standards of 3GPP/ETSI/OMA/IMTC;

  • Web deployment and simple operation;

  • Provide development service of customized functions.


Outcome Promotion, Application and Transformation Ways

  • Have 3 core invention patents and 1 software copyright;

  • Other commercial systems with similar functions are expensive and not convenient in use; there are still very few institutions having the strength to independently develop programs for test plan generation;

  • This product offers the optimal choice to customers by relying on its advantages in technical service, localization and cheap price as well as function design that meets users’ needs.


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