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Testing Research on RF Performance of Communication System-based Beidou Terminals  

System Introduction

  In a full-wave dark room environment, the system tests the spatial RF performance of communication system-based Beidou terminals.


Function & Feature

  • Support the spatial RF performance test of communication system-based Beidou terminals;

  • Test mobile terminals with different operation systems;

  • Control Beidou signal sources, rotation tables, instruments and other devices produced by different manufacturers, and test the spatial sensitivity of Beidou receiver;

  • Meet the OTA test requirements of Beidou Satellite Navigation Application Quality Testing Center of the PLA General Staff Headquarters for information and communication products (telecom terminals) and the Beidou-related test standards in CCSA.


Outcome Promotion, Application and Transformation Ways

  • Applied for 2 patents and obtained 2 software copyrights;

  • Seek market cooperation as it can be widely used by mobile phone manufacturers and other Beidou labs.


  Contact: 18500198271