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Automated Test Platform for Vehicle Information Terminals and Systems(缺样例表格翻译)  

System Introduction
It is oriented to mobile internet and IoT fields; provides system test methods and tools for corporate R&D tests, storage examination of operators’ products, third-party labs and acceptance of government projects from desktop to mobile ends, from perception layer to application layer; and offers systematic and efficient testing service plans from the aspects including the functional logic of devices, systems and platforms, system reliability, product performance and user perception parameters.

Function & Feature
• Replace manual operation and realize fully automated execution;
• Replace eye observation, support test with computer vision, and automatically recognize test results;
• Provide automated testing plans for Web and C/S system at the PC end;
• Provide automated testing plans for Android and other mobile smart terminal systems;
• Provide diversified logs and statements, and big data-based analysis of and solutions for timely and mass testing logs and statements.

Typical Test Examples
1. TBox typical test

2. Typical test for vehicle application terminals

Outcome Promotion, Application and Transformation Ways
• Applied for 1 invention patent;
• Relying on technical services and customized needs design, the product provides relevant tests for corporate R&D, operators’ products for storage, third-party labs and acceptance of government projects;
• Provide third-party testing service, sale of testing systems and technical services.



Figure 1 TBox Typical Test Scenario

Figure 2 Typical Test Scenario for Vehicle ApplicationTerminal

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