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  CTTL Terminal labs was established on 1 January 2014 on the basis of development and integration of relevant CAICT inspection bodies, and is subordinate to CAICT (former China Academy of Telecommunication Research of MIIT). The current laboratory is set up through business restructuring and resource optimization and integration of the Research Institute of Telecommunication Transmission (RITT) and the Telecommunication MetrologyCenter (TMC) of CAICT. CTTL Terminal labs is a high-tech organization undertaking ICT development research, ICT product standards and testing methods development research, communications metrology standards and methods development research, as well as testing, verification, technical evaluation and test instrument metering of domestic and international ICT products, and evaluation and verification of communications software.

  The lab now has more than 500 staff, including 1 post-doctor and 20 doctors. Among them, over 100 have a master degree and above. The lab area surpasses 20,000 km2 and the total asset value of its instruments and equipment reaches RMB1 billion. Taking the electronic and information industry as the major positioning field and the market demands as the orientation, CTTL Terminal labs aims to provide all-round technical support and services to the government, industrial organizations, operation enterprises, the product design and manufacturing industry as well as the public. Its main tasks include research on the development of new electronic, information and communications technologies, research and development of relevant standards, as well as experiment and testing on technical feasibility and standards conformity.

  CTTL Terminal labs has established an ISO/IEC 17025-based quality system, and passed the accreditation of certification organizations at home and abroad such as China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) and American National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP). It has obtained authorizations from industrial organizations including PTCRB, GCF, CCF, CTIA, Wi-Fi Alliance, BT SIG, NFC Forum, GlobalPlatform and AQuA, and from operators such as T-Mobile, Orange, Vodafone, China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom. At the same time, it is also a CCC-, FCC-, CE-authorized lab. CTTL-Terminals focuses its work on the testing and certification of terminal products and related fields. Its testing capabilities include communications conformity, EMC, antenna, bioelectromagnetics, electrical equipment safety, information security, software verification, and the testing of short-distance communications related interface, energy-saving and environmental care level, and hazardous substance, covering various products such as electronic, information and communications terminals, multi-media communications devices, electronic products and chips, as well as automotive electronics. The lab has become a comprehensive, scale electronic, information and communications equipment testing and experiment base oriented to home and abroad.

  Main services:

  ·Network access tests for terminals and devices commissioned by MIIT;

  ·Domestic and international certification of terminal products, and commissioned tests;

  ·Organizing and carrying out researches on terminal-related technical standards and measurement, and technical consulting;

  ·Organizing and carrying out researches on and evaluation of the basic technologies, information security, electromagnetic environment and software of terminal devices and their applications;

  ·Supervision and random inspection of, standard conformity affirmation of, and disputed quality identification for terminal products.

  Notice on Charges for Mobile Phone Network Access Testing:

  According to the NDRC Price No. [2015] 1299 document Notice on Lifting Charge Control of Partial Inspection and Testing Operational Services by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), it has been decided to loosen up 9 operational service charge items that were formerly decided or guided by the government, including inspection and testing service, and to develop relevant charge standards by relevant professional service organizations based on laws, regulations and the NDRC Price No. [2015] 1299 notice, and accept social supervision.

  Charge standards of CTTL-Terminals for mobile phone network access testing: RMB70,000 per model for single mode mobile phone, and charge another 30% for every additional working mode. In implementing the tax and fee reduction requirement of the country, and further reducing the burdens on enterprises, on the basis of the previous charge standards, the lab has lowered down mobile phone network access testing charges by 50% from 1 July 2017.

  In the network access testing process, if the testing was terminated due to the reason of the enterprise itself, the lab should charge for those testing items that have been actually performed.

  From 1 July 2017, the mobile phones sent for testing should be charged based on this standard.

  Contact us:

  • For information on Network Access License (NAL), please contact the lab front desk:

  Yuan Lingfei

  Tel: 010-62300306

  E-mail: yuanlingfei @ caict.ac.cn

  Chang Rui

  Tel: 010-62300309

  E-mail: changrui@caict.ac.cn

  • For information on CCC business, please contact the CCC Project Manager:

  Lu Zhaohui

  Tel: 010-62300257

  E-mail: luzhaohui @ caict.ac.cn

  • For other businesses, please contact:

  Tel: 010-62300594

  E-mail: cttl_ms@caict.ac.cn

  • If you have comments or suggestions on any aspects of testing, process, cycle, billing, etc., please contact:

  Liu Jun, Domestic Project Department (NAL)

  Tel: 13910564002

  E-mail: liujun @ caict.ac.cn

  Chen Hui, Domestic Project Department (CCC)

  Tel: 13911818278

  E-mail: chenhui@caict.ac.cn

  Liu Li’ang, Marketing Department

  Tel: 010-68094315

  E-mail: liuliang @ caict.ac.cn

  • If there is any objection to the testing result of the quality of network access, please contact the quality manager of the lab.

  Chu Wenhua

  Tel: 010-62303060

  E-mail: chuwenhua@caict.ac.cn

  • If there is corruption or violation on honesty and self-discipline in the lab or lab staff, please directly file the complaint to the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Department of CAICT.

  Tel: 010-62301326, 010-62304756

  Mail Box: Corner of the east side stairs of the Multi-Function Hall on the second floor of the Scientific Research Building (No Monitoring).

  Website: http://jubao.caict.ac.cn

  E-mail: jijianjiancha@caict.ac.cn

  Mailing Address: Discipline Inspection and Supervision Department, No.52, Hua Yuan Bei Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China.

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