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CAICT Intellectual Property Center  

As a national research institute in China, the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT) undertakes massive work on providing support for government decision-making in the communications industry and conducting research on soft science. The work includes basic technological planning and design and technical standard for C114, communications measurement and testing and certification for communications products, planning for industrial development, laws and regulations on telecommunications, industrial regulatory policies, standards and intellectual property strategies and information intelligence.

CAICT Intellectual Property Center is committed to the mission of providing “thorough support for the government and warm service for the industry” and taps into CAICT’s general advantages in technical standard, laws and regulations, policy economy, scientific and technical information and corporate management. Focused on intellectual property creation, protection, utilization and management of national major science and technology programs and positioned as “a high-end IPR think-tank for the government and a platform of innovative service for the industry”, it is dedicated to addressing various strategic and realistic issues on intellectual property faced by Chinese information and communications industry.

CAICT Intellectual Property Center comprises of professionals in policy, law, technology and information. So far, it has conducted businesses in intellectual property strategy, laws, regulations and policies, intellectual property database and service platform of major science and technology programs, evaluation, early warning, protection, operation and consultation of intellectual property, patent mining, patent portfolio, patent information early-warning, analysis on infringement and invalidity, litigation support, judicial identification and professional training. In doing so, it constructs an IPR communication bridge among government departments, industrial cooperative institutions and enterprises.